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What is submitGit?

The Git project has a patch submission process that's unfamilar for the majority of Git users: hitting the mailing list with git-format-patch and git-send-email.

submitGit is a step in trying to make the process easier. If you create a pull request on, submitGit can close it for you by correctly formatting it as a series of patches, and sending it to the mailing list.

The patch review stays on the list - but at least you no longer need to learn a whole new method of email to submit your improvement to Git.


submitGit is set up to allow you to send test messages to yourself - all that requires is that your email is verified on GitHub - but when you want to mail the Git mailing list for real, there are a few extra requirements:

  • Your GitHub account must be older than 1 day
  • As well as being verified in GitHub, your email must be registered with submitGit, to allow submitGit to send emails with your address as the 'From:' field.

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